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Academic Programs

Academic Programs

As research becomes part of one’s career success, Exceller looks at avant-garde ways to enrich one’s research armory. Our exceptional group of academic experts, provide workshop trainings on four extant research methods, which is sure to broaden the researcher/academic/practioner’s knowledge horizon. The programs can be conducted individually or as a single workshop. All our workshops are conducted in the Social Sciences context, but can be extended to other disciplines as well.

Case Research

When the contours of a phenomenon and context becomes blur, and its complexity challenges an individual method’s capacity to study it holistically, Case Research is the most contemporary approach one can take. From understanding philosophical underpinnings to validity concerns, and data collection from multiple sources to triangulating results, this workshop, will ensure that the participants are in a position to design, conduct, analyze and write their own field based empirical case studies. With publication houses now welcoming and demanding alternate methodologies, practical knowledge of this method is sure to be a valid addition in one’s research repertoire.

Experimental Research

Experiments are one of the fundamental tools used for research in a wide array of disciplines, including social and behavioral sciences. An experimental research is conducted by deliberately imposing a treatment on a group of subjects with the intent of observing a response. Here the main aim is to discover causal relationships between treatment variables and dependent variables. When experiments are set up with high internal and external validity, they become the gold standard for causal inferences. Our experimental research design experts will make the understanding of this nuanced methodology so lucid that, participants will be able to design and conduct their own experiments subsequently after the workshop.

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods remain to be the most widely used research method in Social Sciences. Our Basic and Advanced programs will focus on pertinent areas of data analysis, starting from data cleaning to advanced statistical techniques like SEM (both variance and co-variance based). Hands on sessions will ensure that, the participants are enabled to replicate the analysis on their own set of data, leading to development of research papers.

HR Analytics

When analytics aids in making prudent HR decisions backed by data, HR assumes a strategic role than a functional one. Our HR analytics workshop will help future and current HR professionals to connect their work to business results and stand out in their career. Conducted by experienced practioners, HR analytics workshops will be a valid addition to your job related training.